Alsalam alaykum wa rahmat allah wa barakatahu Peace and blessings of God be upon you

I've heard that in Saudi Arabia, girls who get raped and then report it, get whipped 100 times by the government? Is that true? I do know that when someone claims that someone else committed adultery they need 4 witnesses (according to some Hadith I've read) and if they are inconsistent with their information all of them will get whipped (according to Sheikh Ahmad Deedat [may Allah grant him Jannah Firdos]).

So is that true? Do victims of rape get whipped?

Thank you in advance, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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no that is not true the saudi arabian government bases all of their laws on islma and in islam its the man who rapes the girl who gets punished not the girl she did nothing wrong so if you want to know what punishment people get or what laws they have they are based on what islam teaches us for example the theif gets their hand cut off and the people who perform zina get 100 lashes unless they are married they are stonned a rape victum gets no punishment the man who raped her i belive he gets the punishment of zina he is stoned if married and 100 lashes if he isnt although im not sure if this is his punishment

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No, for rape it`s death penalty

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if the girl is punished icondemn.but i dont think it is acording to the islam.

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