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Assalam a'likum, this isn't really a question but it is a story happened yesterday in my village.... A husband and his wife came to our village to stay a period of time to work... This husband worked with alot of men, one of them was a young man from our village, he is 25. He was known as agood religious young man... The wife was really bad person, she always tried to be close to this young man, untill they had made zina. They did this and met alot.... As soon as her husband had discovered this, she and the young man hit him and killed him... And then they threw his body in the canal.... Today we discovered this crime and arrested the wife and the young man.............. I am really upset as this young man was really really good man. And this evil wife deserve alot. And what is the guilt of the dead husband?.... We all didn't expect this from this young man. The whole village is upset and sad...... It was a shock to me. ¡_¡

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May Allah protect us from this kind off actions, none of us should be surprised by these sort of acts and that is because a Muslim thinks good of his own brother and sister.

Allah says, [And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way] [17 v32] Allah here describes to us why He Has made Zina Haram and gives us two descriptions which are, [immorality and is evil as a way] these two descriptions are the cause of all evil and distractions and this is one of the reasons why Zina is Haram and that is because it curies the two cause of evils and when one commits a Zina he or she opens the doors of these two distractions and causes one to commit more evil and immorality acts and the biggest of all evils is to take a innocent life and that is because Zina curies the cause of it, therefore, Zina must be stayed away from it.

As for the crime they have done the ruling for both is death and the only way they can be of the death role is if the deceased husbands family accept to take the compensation money or they forgive them.

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But if they forgive them, the wife also must be killed as she made sex while she is married, right?... Whatever, they don't apply this hukm in Egypt, they only may imprison them..... Thanks 4 answering. Jhazak Allah khiran.

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Your right for that Zina she should be stone to death but only if there are 4 witnesses or she confesses that she did a Zina, but as for the killing it has a different ruling. Wallaka.

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that is why hijaab is compulsory for women as they can attract anyone in their web.a good man became a hunter of evil. but they both did the same amount of sin in this matter they both performed zina(fornicated) which is a very sinful act and hen killed his husband for nothing. she would have asked for divorce instead and then married that youth. i am really upset with this act. and the one who kills anyone has to face allah no doubt. inshallah allah will keep his blessings on us and give all the muslims HIDAYAT.

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