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What should I women who reverted to Islam do with past relations with men?

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Sister if he wants to be with you he will have to repent for his sins and revert to Islam with good intention in his heart and after reverting marry you. Otherwise any relationship with him is haram, remember this is a test from Allah to see how true your love for him is. Don't let worldly desires get in the way of your relationship with Allah, for this world is only temporary.

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the whole universe is not worth for leaving Islam so how can you possibly consider leaving it for a guy ? just tell him clearly that you are not the person you used to be and you will never indulge in such activities again by the help of Allah swt.

if he truly wants you in his life then he can only do it through the lawful way which is by marrying you and all praise be to Allah since you're a muslimah now so he will have to embrace Islam wholeheartedly and marry you if you both are happy with it otherwise tell him to find someone else to fornicate with and leading that kind of cursed life because you already have sought Allahs forgiveness for it and your are never going back to it ever by the grace of Allah swt.

May Allah protect you from this fitnah and help you be steadfast on his chosen religion and make it easy on you to become a pious muslimah and lead a praiseworthy life, Aameen. please keep seeking Allah's protection and his forgiveness and be safe and good sister, As'salaam Alaykum.

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You should never have any sexual relations outside of marriage and you should not marry anyone who is not of your same faith.

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May Allah guide you. Thank you for your answer.

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Sister he might convert to marry (or call for sexual relations) you not for Allah. It is a possibility. If he becomes non muslim during marriage, the nikkah will be nullified. So my personal advice isnot to go for it as there is a higher risk he might leave For his own desires and you might commit zina.

So you will have to weigh it up.

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You are the most pointless low human i have seen. You have no mannners in speaking to sisters, have some dignity.

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La baraka allah fik

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