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Firstly, I am not Muslim.

"Now let man but think from what he is created! He is created from a drop emitted - Proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs." S. 86:5-7

According to, this is plagiarised from ancient Greek scientists who believed semen came from the backbone.

I cannot find anything else that says the Greeks ever believed in this, but I still wonder how would you explain the verse? Because we all know nowadays the semen does not originate from "between the backbone and the ribs." I am, however, certain there is an explanation to it because it seems like such a trivial thing.

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the verse does not say proceeding from i know arabic and i know that verse and it said the drop of seamen was injected then it moved or traveled or emerged between the backbone and the ribs that means the seamen was in the women and now is in the woumb which is located between the lowerback and ribs in other words by your abdomen this is why the quran isnt translated people like you interpret it incorrectly its not based on greek science its simply stating where the seamen goes, in the womb is

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no dear sister @NesreenA quran sharif is sent for human beings so that they follow it as a guidance in our day to day life. subhanallah if you knoow arabic but what for those who dont know arabic?? many non-muslims(including my friends) have converted in islam after reading translated quran and as for @david you should consult a maulana or a sheikh for a perfect guidance.may Allah give you hidayat @david and you convert into muslim inshallah.

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My friend as far as we muslims are concerned the quran is authentic as no part has been ever sensored or changed and we also believe that the words in it are exclusively from Allah swt alone and not by Muhamad sas Gibrael as or anyone else therefore whatever is written remains fact without question that is what makes us muslim it is left to science now to explore and learn from the fact I do not think that there are any scientists here in this forum however if anyone has any knowledge please share it.

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asalaam aleykum

good question and very good of you for Asking.

Please see and below the website should u need more write me here i will give you my e mail

thank you

APPENDIX 1 (In continuation of E.N 3 of At-Tariq)

In connection with our explanation of vv. 6-7 of Surah at-tariq, as given in E.N.3 A Doctor wrote to us.

“I have read your explanation carefully several times but have not been able to understand it fully. As far as the practical observation is concerned, the procreative fluid is produced by the tests. The fluid then empties into the epididymis, which leads into the vas deferens immediately before the vas enters the body of the prostate gland, where it is supplied with mucus and is discharged. How it issues forth from between the back-bone and the breast-bones, I have not been able to understand. However, control over it is exercise by a nervous system which is spread like a net-work between the breast-bone and the back-bone. But that too only to a certain extent; it is controlled by mucus of another gland located in the brain. But the question here relates to its issuing forth (which can only take place through a tube). I would request for a detailed commentary of this point. I have given you this trouble (for which I hope to be excused) only because you believe in scientific knowledge.

In reply to this we wrote in the issue of the Tarjuman al-Quran for November 1971:

“As you are a doctor you can better understand that although different parts of the body have their own separate functions, no part perform its function by itself but only in coordination with the other parts. No doubt, the seminal fluid is produced by the testes from where it is emitted through a particular channel. But if the stomach, liver, lungs heart, brain, kidney, etc are not performing their respective functions rightly, the system of the production of the seminal liquid and its emission cannot work by itself. Let us understand this by an example. Urine forms in the kidney, is emptied into the bladder from where it is discharged through the outlet of the urinary tract. But by what process ? If the organs which produce blood and circulate it throughout the body are not functioning properly, can the kidney by itself separate those elements from the blood, which make up urine, and send it to the bladder? That is why, the Quran does not say that the seminal fluid issues from the back-bone and the breast-bones, but has said: “It issues forth from the part of the body which is located between the two” This does not negate the fact that the production of the seminal fluid and its emission has a mechanism which functions through particular parts of the body, but it shows that this mechanism is not independent; it performs its function in consequence of the combined work of the organism place by Allah between the Sulb (back-bone) and the tara’ib (breast-bones) That is why I have pointed out that the whole body is not involved in it, for even if the hands and feet are cut off, this system continues to work. However, if any one organ out of the principal organs located between he backbone and the breast – bone, is eliminate, the system cannot continue its function”

Surah 86. At-Tariq

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