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asalam alikum brother and sisters, As it get closer to the month of Ramadan, I am looking to get leaner as in more muscle and less fat. I am currently 18% body fat and I wish to get down to at least 10%, could fasting during the day and eating one dinner at night ONLY, with no suhoor, (I will pray Fajr of course), could this workout for me? I am as sturdy as an ox mashallah, I can work all day with no water or any source of energy in my body, I know Allah watches out for the righteous and make body fat burn as fuel. Can this happen if I drink no water? Will fat burn during the daily fasted workouts and exercises even if I don't consume the H2O? If so, please tell me I have many friends that would fast along with me during Ramadan and gain benefits from it. Thanks.

وعليكم السلام و رحمة الله وبركاته

Do not miss out on the reward for suhoor. Just eat a light meal, as well as a light meal for iftar and then smaller portion meal for dinner. Doctors do not say to skip meals in order to lose weight (they say it is unhealthy). They suggest things like smaller portions. And do not abandon drinking water!! Maintaining good health is more important than losing a few pounds. So do all that, and also exercise as necessary.

Lol @ "I am as sturdy as an ox".. ما شاء الله

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I thank you very much for your answer, but it's not enough, you've probably never heard of intermittent fasting. This is a method where your body is on a caloric deficit and instead of burning insulin and sugars that the body makes from edible caloric foods and drinks, your body will burn more fat during the days of fasting and working out. It's called the "warrior diet" it's practically how our ancestors used to eat before modernization of domestic cattle and shops. Eating once or twice a day at night and not eating for the rest of the time until the next night, this all repeats until Ramadan is over or my goal of 10% body fat is reached. Your body forces it's fat to burn to survive, it's very disimilar from starvation because I get to eat good caloric meals at the nights. So my body will never burn muscle only fat, fat burns before muscle and muscle burns over 24 hours without food, but remember it's called fasting not starvation... Big big big difference. Allah guide you brother or sister whom answered my question. Btw, it made me happy that you found the "I'm as sturdy as an ox" quote funny, I like to make people happy, it's also an exaggeration but I still manage.
To @ilove01

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But you also remember it's Ramadan, I cannot drink water, will that affect my workout and fat loss?

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