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If Muslim men get 72 hoor,s in paradise, what do Muslim women and gay,s get

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Muslim women get most of what men get, which is outlined in the Qur'an. The only exception are the hoor. Whatever else Allah سبحانه و تعالى has prepared for women, is better than everything in this world. It is unlike anything we've ever seen. And people get whatever their hearts desire in Jannah.

There isn't going to be lewdness and immorality in Paradise. So no homosexuality.

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Save yourself from hellfire first. Once you achieve that and you are in paradise, then ask for what your heart desires.

There is a shirk in this question that Allah is not capable of providing reward for his believers (thus implying he is unjust, naozobillah), which should be avoided. Allah has the capacity to give and even more than what you can comprehend.

Also our knowledge about paradise is limited through Quran and Sunnah only. So we don't know many other rewards which are out of our scope of mind. Those rewards in the text are to give you a glimpse of paradise is like and it isn't a full picture. You can't picture unless you get there which tally's with my earlier point.


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