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Salam..I feel ashame to say that but I don't know how to read quran in arabic letter..can I recite quran in english or in my language? From my phone or a book which is translating quran in my language(portugues)? Please help me

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Wa alikum alsalam......

Dont feel like this....

But you can't read quran exept by ramadan or after ramadan

Quran by the ather alnguage jest for andrstanding the meaning....

Try to mutch you strugle allah well give you ajor and khair inshallah...

Personally i ' feel happy when i see amuslim trying to read quran ans strugle and he keep tring and tyring......

It's give me this feelling about how good muslim he is.......he keep push him self to read to quran ......

Allah help you and jazak khiair....

And try to download app of arbic quran read and listen from google play market .....its going to help you inshallah.....if you cant'find eney one....jest email to me....insha,allah i'm goin to help you with it..

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What is your email?

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Its quran app for android...... Eneyhelp yiu need....i'm here for you

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Wa alikum alsalam......
Reading Quran is extremely pious for every Muslim and people believe in Islam read Quran everyday as a part of their daily ritual. The readings of Quran are also recommended in the auspicious month of Ramadan. If you want assistance in memorizing Quran read in Arabic language, you can avail some online resources. Some quality assistance is available from some websites like Tayseerulquran(dot)com. The courses will help you to recite and memorize Quran with better ease.

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Salaam sorry it won't let me put in comment box under Irfan Alam , why did u start new account? You are the same Irfan the moderator right!?

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