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Salam, I had dream of Beloved Prophet of Allah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Let me explain it in details: in my dream I saw that I was with a man who wore white clothes with white turban on head which I think was Sahabi of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). As I was walking with him on land which had small houses on it and it was a sunny day. I remember saying several times that I want to see or meet Hoor al ayn and I want to do or go for Jihad. After a while we entered a house upon which i saw a man in white clothes in front of me in a blurry vision and saw thick beard. Sahabi who was with me said that He is Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) upon hearing this I was really happy and my heart believed that he was the messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him). Suddenly after that I saw kafir or munafiq tried to attack Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) with a sword. However, a Sahabi protected Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and killed the kafir or munafiq with the sword and at that point I don't remember much but I think I also participated in killing that man and I could see the blood flowing from his body and I remember the blood.

This is my dream. Please explain my dream as I believe it's a good dream and I'm curious about the answer.

JazakAllah Khair, Muhammad Waqar.

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Salamu alikum..

I'cant help you interpreting your dream but some thing i'm sure of it :the shaitan never com in image of our prophet mohammad(peace be upon him)....

Ather thing :When you see the prophet (peace be upon him)in your sleep don't call it have to call it roeah (vision).

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Wasalam dear brother. JazakAllah khair for teaching me something new. Do you know any website brother from where i can get my interpretation?

(Jun 11 at 05:05) muhwaq123 muhwaq123's gravatar image

Assalamu alaikoum,

Did you try this site?

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JazakAllah Khair

(Jun 17 at 09:10) muhwaq123 muhwaq123's gravatar image

Did you get to find the interpretation of your dream?

(Jun 18 at 20:13) Zeeshan Abbasi Zeeshan%20Abbasi's gravatar image

Salam, Here is the website to submit your dream for interpretation. Hope that helps.

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JazakAllah Khair

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It could mean the ever growing hostility against Islam (the jews were always to conspire against Muhammad (pbuh) in form pure or hypocrisy form, with latter being the most dangerous one). The attack against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is ,not common e.g. draw cartoon day, books written against him, slandering etc. There might come a time when they will kill us thinking we are terrorist Muslims.

Its very opaque interpretation but that's what I can find the most. Salam

Allah guide us, and forgive us. Any weaknesses are on my part.

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Salam JazakAllah khair for trying your best but im looking for real answer brother hope you know someone?

(Jun 11 at 05:07) muhwaq123 muhwaq123's gravatar image

Well bad times are coming. I dont know anyone sorry atm who may be able to assist u Salam

(Jun 11 at 07:00) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image
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