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As Salam Alaikum My parents both don't approve for me wearing the hijab, they think not while i'm at school, I am rushing, I will get teased, many other reasons I think my mother probably even feels embarrassed of me wearing it. I would rather please my Lord then please their needs. Please give me that extra advice so that I may prove to them 1 last time the beauty of wearing it (just before this ramadan starts) and I have the power to wear it with or without their consent... I am a 16yr old Female and my father is muslim, my mother is catholic and they've been married for 10 years, however I was baptised and raised up not muslim, I recently reverted back to Islam and I am proud to call myself a practicing muslim learning more each day. I am not able to see a sheihk about this. Thank You so much

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Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "There is no obedience to the creation in disobedience to the Creator." [Ahmed and Haakim]

The mention of dressing modestly is mentioned in surah noor and surah ahzab. Hence by you not applying properly the requirements of hijab that will be a d disobendience to creator and obedience to the creation.

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JazakAllahu khair @Abdul wasay

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Get some lyf

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Aslaamalyakum sister, This story is truly heart breaking because as you may know sister wearing the hijab is one of the most beautiful things a woman will ever do, it is the one a greatest jihad for a woman. First sister, why would you even care if you get teased? This is who you are a Muslim woman, DO NOT change youself for anyone, if you want to wear the hijab then you wear it, because mash'alla you are a woman of paradise, you are not being oppressed by societies norms and once a woman wear the hijab Allah (swt) automatically raises her status. On the day of judgement you can stand infront of your lord and say that you were obedient to his orders. As a practising sister myself I am really really really proud of you for maintaining your hijab and not being afraid of you are. May Allah (swt) grand you paradise and a long life. Surely out of all people your mother would understand the imporance of the hijab it keep you away from the evil eyes and in Christianity correct me if I am wrong but didnt Mary wear the veil to protect her modesty? Try to explain why the hijab is so important in both Christian and Islam to you mother. If your father is Muslim then he could surely explain to your mother how the hijab is a order from Allah and without it there might be a possibility that you will be thrown in the hellfire. May Allah guide you and you family sister In'shalla ... you will stay in my prayer !!!!

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