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salam im living in western country and i find out that EVERYDAY we are using so many external products having diferent different types of alcohol. for example: cleanser milk , facial scrubs , colgnes, hand soaps, shower gels etc. accoding to my knowledge using of these its haram but i want i want to ask if im right or wrong could u please give me evidence from HOLY QURAN OR FROM HADITH. im trying my best to dont buy these products but really hard to find without alcohol. also i think that these products also using in slamic countries. if my thinking is right so i want that please aware people that we are using so many things that are not halal. please answer me thank you so much.

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Walaykomasalam, I need an answer to this question aswell.

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It is not haram unless you are consuming it in your diet. I think we Muslims have lost the concept of Islam. Do you know why alcohol is not allowed in Islam? The answer would be no ( probably) The were several social issues which caused the prohibition of alcohol. Alcohol is antiseptic kill germs and others MOs. So good use of it is not haram at all. I mean every painkiller u take has intoxicants in there so I don't think is haram is anyway.

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