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I love the world cup and I love football but I want to do what allah thinks is best.

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If it gives you good reward then you should definitely support it.

“And I (Allaah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone)”[al-Dhaariyaat [51:26]

The basic guideline concerning permissible things according to the scholars is that whatever distracts one from obligatory duties or becomes a means of committing forbidden actions; thereby becomes haraam. As for things that distract one from doing things that are mustahabb but are not a means of committing haraam actions, then they are makrooh. Whatever does not distract from either obligatory duties or mustahabb actions is permissible in principle. Whoever looks at those who support sports teams will find that they devote all their time and energy to supporting the team, and they neglect many obligatory duties, e.g., they neglect praying in congregation, they delay their prayers beyond the proper time, and other things which are no secret. If the matter reaches this level it is undoubtedly haraam. In addition, this support is accompanied by attachment of the heart, and love and hatred based on that.


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As per me,its not haram...its your choice,...but dont forget to offer salah while watching world cup especially match of ur favourite team...hope helped

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