Dear Sir, I am seriously involved with a girl with intention of marriage. In making love owes with each, she once gave me her life promise that I will never smoke cigarette again. But on very few occasion after taking promise, I used to smoke cigarette occasionally with my friends. Eight months ago, my girl friend was diagnosed with brain tumor that I think is due to my occasional smoking and breaking promise. Kindly guide me in this regard and also advice me way to pay kufara for breaking her life promise. Thanks.

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If what your saying is correct and that she is your girl friend, there are two cases to do with having a girl friend with a sexual relationship, one is that if your not Muslim then in this case you follow what your believes are and if it allows you to have a girl friend, second case is that if your a Muslim to have a girl friend whom you have a sexual relationship is not allowed and it is Haram as Allah says,

Allah says, [And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way] [17 v32] Allah here describes to us why He Has made Zina Haram and gives us two descriptions which are, [immorality and is evil as a way] these two descriptions are the cause of all evil and distractions and this is one of the reasons why Zina is Haram and that is because it curies the two cause of evils and when one commits a Zina he or she opens the doors of these two distractions and causes one to commit more evil and immorality acts and the biggest of all evils is to take a innocent life and that is because Zina curies the cause of it, therefore, Zina must be stayed away from it.

As for the for the Kufara for breaking her promise, there is no kufara and the promise you have made to her was a badhil is a void and every day and night your with her your committing two of the major sins which are Zina, been with a none Mahram.

My sincere advise to you is that you should worry about your Lord and you should be true to your promise you have made with Allah when you say the Shahadah and that you should make this relationship become Halal and marry her. Allah knows best.

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fornication is not at all accepted in islam brother. repent for your sins of what you have done and surely allah is most merciful and forgiving. forget all these sexual relationships and remember you have to go down right where you are sitting and reading my message. so fear allah and be wise.further allah knows the best and is allsufficient and all knowing.

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your not even married to her???? im sorry but you need to fix that situation first not the whole brain tumor thing allahs not gonna listen to what you ask for if you dont listen to what allah asks of you and not being married to a women and having contact with her is somthing that allah asks us not to do

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