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I have recently been working in the field of Psyhchology and notice a pattern in the amount damaged children with regards to Islamic followers grooming young children for sex. In addition it seems to be followers of Islam that carry out many damaging behaviours toward people who do not follow their faith such as bombings and the like. Obviously it's not all Muslims who do this but the statistical data shows that it is predominately followers of Islam who do. There would seem to be a causal link then between Islam or some other factor and the likelihood of abusive, aggressive, acts. This information has been obtained from the interviews of the Children themselves (who have their identity protected) and statistics in arrests.

My question is, does Islam encourage such behaviour in any form either in scripture or in some other way or are there misinterpretations that may be to blame? Also what in the opinion of the Islamic community should be done about people who are guilty of these acts.

Please only comment in a constructive and decent manner as this will do wonders for my research into such behaviours and hopefully help to relieve pressure on those people who are wrongly vilified.

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in islam the incouragment of vilolence and hitting and being abusive is not allowed at all unless in a battle feild one may use physical violence on a child over ten if they are disobeying Gods commands for example they stop praying or they refuse to fast but one thing to take note of is that it has to be an open palm and cant hit the face so even with regards of hitting your own child islam puts limits the type of abuse you see is more of a charecteristic of the arab race not muslims harsh climate and weather caused middle easterns to be tough and somtimes short tempered although islam dosent allow this it is evident that a person of arab ethnicity may be more violent that lets say a white caucasion but its not a link with islam because if you see the christians that live in the middle east they have the same mindset i see them hitting their children in public over spilling somthing or yelling-which isnt allowed in islam- just as much as you would see a muslim doing it which is also not allowed so if somone truley followed all the rules of islam they would in fact be less violent then an increase of violence if you think about the american studies found about people who commit crime the most are people of latin american history and african americans and the amount of crime is much higher in america then any other country but if you go to somplace like saudi arabia there are barley any killings and thefts or any violent crimes but the highest crime rate over their is zina-or adultry so if they had an american lega; sytem-which im not incouraging but just making a point- they wouldnt have any crime at all or very few so its not muslims who tend to be violent maybe in a society different from their own they are violent- but it is their arab ethnicity that is a violent race but if we all initiated islam correctly this view of us being violent will probably vanish and it will be evident that islam shouldnt be judged it should be the charecteristics of the human

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no islam does not allow us to kill the innocent. yes it is permissible in a battle feild.yes you are absolutely right my friend, there are people who bombard around mostly from the muslim community as theythink it a jihad they are actually misguided by their adults and hypnotized by someone who wants to take revenge over something.islam is a pure rligion and does not teach us any kind of non violence as allah himself will deal with these non muslims on the day of resurrection.

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Muslims are not allowed to kill non-muslims unless they try to kill first. Didn't Rasulullah(SAW) stay in the company of Jews? Why didn't he kill them? In short, there is no place in the Qur'an where sword or knife is mentioned let alone used, please research 'Islam' not 'muslim'

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There is a big misconception there my friend. A muslim is somone who submits his will to Allah and follows Islam. If he is a killer he is out of fold of Islam. Thus you can't even associate that kind of behavior with Islam, to start with. So here is the big fail here: you haven't defined what a Muslim is. If you knew then you will no correlation at all.

"I am a killer but I follow Quran and Sunnah". Does that make sense? No it doesn't and that is enough to suggest there is no correlation between the two. Your hypothesis here fails and the data needs to be checked for reliance on matters pertaining to deen especially.

Islam is deen of peace but its followers vary. There are black sheep in community but your sample is very small (carries limitations like biased towards certain regional groups, extremists who don't adhere fully to Quran and Sunnah etc.) and get statistical evidence yourself rather than copying from 3rd party. They can edit information to change views with politics.

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