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what is the position of usama bn ladin in islam?

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Yes he took innocent lives but they were not Innocent to him and if you're a Muslim they are not innocent to you either. All but a few of them were unbelievers, read your Koran, see what it says about how to treat an unbeliever. By the way those military men have civilian families and after they serve there time they will go back to being civilian. Ben Ladan did not incite America to FEAR but we are now very ANGRY. You can BLAME ben ladan for any civilian muslam deaths and maltreatment. Not everyone in the US military are christian. An extremist christian is one who refuses to fight in the military and sees even self defense as murder. As for the palistinians and jews, remember the jews, unlike, the christians, still believe in an eye for an eye. I have seen plenty of Israel busses blown up, resturants blown up SCHOOL YARD BOMBINGS, there is plenty of blame to go around and in Palestine it will never stop.Go ahead say it"until every jew is dead" because thats what all Muslims want. Remember America won WW2 because we were ANGRY not fearful. We were not angry in Korea or Viet Nam, those fights were not incited In WW2 we had Nazi subs off our east coast and the japs bombed pearl harbor. May GOD DAMN any one who attacks the United States! By the way I tried to lie about my age to get in the Marines, I just couldn't hide enough of those darned wrinkles.

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I guess my answer was partly a response to some of the things that NesreenA said. To me his position is the same as that of a dead dog. We have some more dogs on trial for 9/11

(May 07 '12 at 02:04) Athanasius Athanasius's gravatar image

even if they were hurting those contries as i said he should atack those armies not the people wirthin the country if you dont like it when americans kill innocent people why would you do the same to the americans shouldnt you be above them shouldnt we do whats just we arent goint to resort to going down t their level and kill innocent people if you felt the pain and misery of the americans do that to your country then why would you want to wish the same tourture on to others you do relize some of those people killied were women and children and i gave an islamic viewpoint osama bin laden killed children and women in his "jihad" and thats haram your only giving your opinion based on revenge to what americans have done to you but here in america they can wage war without consent of the american people why should he attack people who didnt even ask for a war they held protest and still do to this day to bring the army home and the government dosent listen its not the people you should go against its the army and the people they listen to..... this is how palestinians feel the jews kill innocent women and children but will we do the same no we arent like the jews after the nazis killed and absed and tourtured them they do the same even though they know how painfull it was to them the palestinians are goiung to change that cycle they go against the army and the men like good people its called becoming an agent of change look it up!

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forget it ya thats what i am trying to say you why he bombarded in america there must be A reason behind it.KHAIR i know that its not righteous to kill anyone and allah doesnt like any mischief on earth. rest Allah is all knowing and forgiving.

(Apr 21 '12 at 14:22) aaliya ♦ aaliya's gravatar image

no muslims do not belive what osama bin laden was okay and killing that many innocent people requires him to recive death sentance but in islam he was still allowed a muslim funeral but the u.s. didnt grant him that thats the only thing they did wrong

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oh my god do you really agree with what he did in what wourld is killing innocent people jihad only an extrimest muslim would belive what he did was right its okay to do jihad but he performed it incorrectly yu cant kill women children ruin the land or kill a farmer and they must be attacking islam if the us president wages a war on islam which they did not at the time then he can perform jihad on the president and his army by no circumstane was he allowed to kill innocent people not involved in a war or women or children or farmers in general or ruin land and he did everything that is not allowed in islam in jihad whah he did was wrong and that is somthing worth being punishe d not praised by muslims we do no incourage people to kill innocent lives and how is scaring americans a good thing im american was it good that he scared me was it good that he caused americans to throw rocks at us and our family simply because they saw a hijab on my mothers head shame on you for thinking that he waged an unessicary war in a haram way and extrimist these days still praise him for what he did i really cant belive it......

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So sorry NesreenA, i didn't mean citizens but the American army and force.... So sorry about what happened.... And this is my viewpoint but Allah knows best and he knew about him more than we do. Salam

(Apr 21 '12 at 02:57) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image

@NesreenA everything has two sides dear friend and you are only seeing the one side dont get so hyper dear check on the net about the american dictatorship over pakistan and other muslim countries like iran my friend

(Apr 21 '12 at 04:11) aaliya ♦ aaliya's gravatar image

I think wa Allah a3lam he was really good muslim man. Didn't he fight 4 muslims?. Seeing a muslim man make whole USA feel fear and did their best to kill him was great!.... He was very very rich man but he prefered islam and jihad to his wealth. He left it behind him..... I am proud of him alot. And may Allah reward him.

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