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I really like to satisfy my wife be licking on or sucking on her private Part. The Question is how do i wash the GUSHL Janaba washing after doing the above mentioned?

Your help is kindly needed. May Allah grant you the wisdom to answer my question.



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السلام عليكم ورحمه الله تعالى وبركاته....

You don't have to wash your self by GHUSUL after tuch suck your wife private area and that if ther is no water com out from you.....

But why you do it eney way??? It's haram if the unclean liquids from her private areas go to insid you...

And you say dhikir the name of allah by you tongue and read the quran by you tongue...why you but it in unclean place?

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Brother Ibrahim, I truly understand ur feelings. But brother there are certain things which we muslims are prohibited from doing while having sex and those are for our own benefit. Licking,sucking private parts, anal sex are few of such things which initially would give great pleasure but after a certain time they too hold no interest. If a husband/wife tries all such things on their respective partner then after certain time those things wouldn't give d same amount of pleasure which they use to give in d beginning. Later in search of that same pleasure in many cases husband goes to another women apart from his wife & wife goes to another man apart from her husband. As an example I would say consider why are extra marital affairs very common in UK, USA, western countries, because they dont have Imaan they leave nothing while having sex and later they get bored with their own partner. I am not saying u r gonna cheat on ur wife or ur wife is gonna cheat on u but mostly humans do so if they practice everything in sex. Rules have been set for d entire ummah and if they r being followed properly max chances r that a husband will always be attracted to his wife and a wife would always be attracted to her husband. According to me prohibited things in sex are like drugs, initially a person enjoys it later gets so much addicted to it that he/she lands up in illegal sex, extra martial affairs, prostitution. A person looses his/her senses n do all such things. Brother Ibrahim, already what has been allowed related to sex in islam is more than enough to satisfy d partnet so pleases follows d rules of Islam and in shaa Allah u will have a great married life. Always remember SHAITAN will provoke you to do all what is not allowed in Islam but when ever u r getting such feelings plz remember that u r a muslim. Plz do comment on my answer brother.

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