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Assalama leikum Brother

Am sameera. I have a boy friend who is Hindu by birth. We know each other from past 4 years. He proposed me for marriage, directly I said that I love my ISLAM. And am very must religious. He left me for some time. And came to me with certificate of conversion of his caste and name as Muslim. And he requested his parents for this. They accepted.

Now the problem is from my side, I do not have my father. I love my mom and brother very much, I cant hurt them. But I do not want to leave him. So please tell me how to convince my parents for this marriage.

waiting for reply......

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Wa alikum alsalam sister

Firs thing it's harah to have boy relationshipa befor marriage in islam.

You said he com to you with certificate proved that he convert to islam????

My advice to make sure that he is realy convert to islam ... Not jest make this certificate to marry you to your brother and say ther is aman he want to marry me and i like him ,,,iwant you yo ask about him if he is a good man and a good muslimn or not....

This way you get 2 by price of 1....

1_you make sure about his islam

2_you told you parint about him by good way........

If he is agood man insha'allah they not going to say no for this marriage.........

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May Allah help you you should do dua for marriage hope Allah makes favorable circumstances for you

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Assalama leikum Yes I know its haram but its just happened. From the first day itself he is ready to convert. So I continued my relationship with him. No doubt about his convert to Islam because I know that Imam sahib. So no need to worry about his conversion. I am very scared about my mom's health. I dont know how to convince her. Just give me any Idea to convince her with patience. I am already 26 now. Because of this fear only I took the long time. Now my mom is worried about my marriage. So at any cause I want to tell about my love matter after this Ramzan festival.

Please pray for me with tears Sameera

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