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Assalamualaikum, I am a male and have always been noticing that each time after I urinate,after finishing, still 1-2 drops or urine does come out of my penis. If I am wearing an underwear then the drop gets onto it and if I am in a pajama/Track pant(without underwear) I am afraid that the drop may appear on pajama/Track pant and make them impure. Due to this fear, each time I urinate, after finishing I take lower half body(below the naval) body wash. To be honest with you I am fed up of having half body showers so many times a every day. I have read couple of solutions to it on forum saying it can be waswasa from shaitan and to avoid it pour some water on underwear so that one will get distracted or after urinating, one should try to sit for a while or should try to squeeze out the drops from penis. I have tried all the mentioned above solutions and I am very much sure its not waswasa as after urinating no matter if I sit n wait or squeeze the penis still a drop of urine for sure is coming out, I HAVE CLEARLY NOTICE IT. Each night before going to bed, I sleep in pajama/track pant wearing no underwear and with a fear that after urination that 1-2 drop of urine will get on my pajama/track pant and make it impure, I normally grasp my penis between my thighs n sleep. Doing this avoids that 1-2 urine drop to get in contact with my pajama/track pant but surely gets in contact with my thigh so for this reason every morning when I wake I need to have a shower also I get a feeling that entire night I am sleeping in am impure state. Will my underwear or my pajama/track pants be pure even after getting in contact with those 1-2 drops of urine?
I really want to pray 5 times a day but this problem is making it so much difficult for me to do so. Please please please help me out with a solution. I have also read on a forum that few drops of urine after urination are permissible in Islam i.e it doesnt make a person impure and he can pray,recite quran etc. Please help me by suggesting what to do.


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i think you should consult to doctor

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