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I am getting ready for Ramadan next week and I am worried about fasting. I have just started menopause and I am having hot flashes 3-10 times a day right now. My doctor and I have not got them under control yet. I ALSO HAVE Hashimoto's thyroid disease and lichen Sclerosus, which are under control with medications. My concern is that when I am having a hot flash my whole body get red and over heated for 3-10 minutes. It is very uncomfortable and I normally drink cold water to get relief. With all that said, I want to know at what point do I keep fasting, if I feel sick?? Or do I tuff it out to the end of each day even if it makes me ill?? I have a pretty strong will so if I am suppose to fast no matter what, I will. But I want to make sure, what is allowed???

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Here you go sister: (exemptions from fasting)

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