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I want to work at McDonald so I wanted to new if it is haram

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Al Salam Alaykom Mahmud, and its a nice thing you are seeking the path of Allah in your work and source of income. They short answer is yes, it is, because if you offer things or participate in acts that are Haram, that makes your source of income also as such. Do they offer Haram food, offer a place for Haram mingling, play Haram music? Should a person who seeks Allah participate? Now I urge you not to seek fatwa from just anyone, because this won't benefit you when you come to pay the price. Allah rulings are not about what I think and you think, its about them being CRYSTAL clear, I wish to point out you that such question requires, as per Islam directions, a fatwa from a knowledgeable Mufti, one who is well versed in Islamic teachings and jurisprudence. So you should not get such thing as an opinion. If you wish I can direct you to a trusted source of fatwa relating to your matter, or where you can even ask the answer to the qualified and get it yourself In Sha Allah. May Allah bless you guide you.

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