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I fell in love with a hindu girl(i was 17, she was 14),I was madly in love with her and had written her name beside my name million times in paper, even before i could

convey my love to her, I heard that for unknown reason she committed suicide and died at the age of 16(when I was 19). That incident spoiled my career as I could not

concentrate in my studies. I started praying for her. Just recently I managed to get a picture of her and I blindly look at her face, 15 years after her death and still cant believe she is no more. I'm so worried for the

fact she was not muslim, and suicide is a crime and she might go to hell. please tell me if allah will forgive her and send her to jannah, as she was not aware of

islamic rules and culture and she was just 16 when she died. I still love her so and pray to allah every night that allah forgives her. What can I do and how can I ensure through my deeds, that she gets a place in jannah. I do not want her to go to hell by any means. Please advice. Being a hindu, she was cremated after her death, I wanna know what state she might be in now? Is she able to see my love for her and my prayers reaching her?

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