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Asalaamu Alaykum,

My name is Imrah, my brother got married 3 months ago to a wonderful woman algamdulillah. It seems that about 4 weeks ago my brother told the family that his wife is pregnant. We were all excited.

My brother's wife got rushed to hospital about 2 days ago and it seems that she was in labour, having a baby. My brother collapsed at the hospital as he was not expecting this situation to happen, being adamant that she was only 7 weeks pregnant, he was very shocked to hear that she was in labour having a baby. The even more shocker is that it is not his baby. She informed my brother that she was raped and was afraid to tell anyone as she comes from a very religious family. My brother is very recently married and did not know how to deal with this situation. She is a teacher and has never been left alone as she always had a maghram with her. She said it happened when she was at school and went to the shop across the road and two men forced her into a car and raped her. She did know that she was pregnant at 7 weeks and the doctor gave her options of what can be done. She did not want an abortion as it is against our beliefs in Islam

My question is how should my brother deal with this as he has made the decision to keep his wife as it was not her fault and accept the child as his own, he will legally adopt the child. His wife wanted to give the child up for adoption but she could not handle the thought of knowing that she had a child and gave her away.

Could I please have more insight of this and how we can go about this situation as my father is very angry and does not want to support my brother in his decision. My father feels that he should leave her and does not believe that she was raped.

I need more facts from and Islamic point of view to speak to my father about it.

Please help us.



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slamau 'alaykum

do you believe in allah if so so please put your trust in allah, of course this could be a trial, or the consequences for your brothers wife because she might of not had a mah ram with her if she was travelling or she broke the law of al ilah(allah) therefore which would result in consequences.

just like a woman who mixes with men or walks through men in gatherings may end up having a friend that is a amale, which is haram and this leads to unlawful relationship.

similarly your wife might have mixed with men or travelled alone, or did something which lead her to being raped, these are only my opinions of what i thoguth might of happened

please so try to tell your brother to keep her wife more secure in her home etc.

just tell your brother that her wife should seek forgivesness, because if the rape occured due to her doing something that lead her to being raped then she is ALSO blame worthy

so tell your brother to tell his wife to seek forgiveness and just accet whats hapened and dont make the mistakes again.

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so if a woman is alone with a man, and he rapes her. she is worthy of blame?

so do you also put blame on the Saudi woman stabbed 16 times, because she walked alone?

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salamu 'aalykum mikejm4

why dont you read carfeully.

If a woman has done something which has lead her to being raped then it is her fault for being raped aswell. BUT if is she is alone with a man and the man rapes her by breaking into her house then it is not her fault in the least bit.

do you underdtand now?? or not?? yes ur no?

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no i do not understand. your words are vague. please define "something"?

are you saying a woman walking down the street along is doing "something which lead(s) her to being raped"?

if a woman leaves her home without a male wali, she will be at fault if raped?

so i ask again. the saudi woman walking alone in the park that was killed. does she share blame in her death?

(Jun 25 at 11:29) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

can anyone define what actions by a raped woman would cause blame to fall to her?

(Jun 27 at 13:20) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

None. It is never the woman's fault.

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Why has everyone forgotten the little helpless child that was created by Allah! He/she deserves the right to be born, loved, cared for and educated in the deen. Stop being selfish and remember that Allah has His reasons for creating this little child. So what if he is not the father. Allah has put this child in your life as a test. Are you now going to say sorry Ya Allah I can't look after what you have sent to me? Wake up! This is not about you!

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paul, no comment button? anyway, so muslims don't fault a woman who is out without her wali if she is raped? you didn't get saq009 deleted just for that? what if the woman doesn't scream loud enough while being raped?

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You stupid idiot, it's never the fault of woman being raped .. whether she is alone with a man or she walks on the street ....

as long as she is honest and was raped against her will, so shall thy brother shit in your father who is narrow-minded and completely stupid!

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meriam, you talking to me or saq009?

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If she can hide it from her husband in the first place, how do we know she was raped. Come on everyone, being pregnant & trying to hide it? When you are raped you are raped, you don't hide it. It will come out one day like it did now. And especially being pregnant to hide it too?something fishy here, sorry to say..

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