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My question is not just what I wrote above. Its much deep and complicated. My boyfriend was a Hindu by birth. I always prayed and wanted him to revert to Islam by choice and not just to marry me. After years of patience he said to me that he wants to embrace Islam, seeing that I'm so connected to God and believe in Him in no matter what. I told my mother and she got me engaged to some other guy, pressuring me emotionally. I cancelled the wedding few months ago, because of which I had to face the wrath of my parents. It has been a year now. I constantly reject the proposals my parents bring for me, but I'm too tired now. I told my boyfriend that they would never agree and that we should separate. He begged me not to go, as his parents won't accept him now that he wants to embrace Islam fully. Neither would any Muslim girl or her family. But I cant't hurt my parents anymore. They say my salats will be thrown back at my face because I have hurt my parent's so much. Is that true? I feel guilty. Was it good on my part to leave him? Shouldn't I have held his hand and helped him know Islam better?

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Thank you so much for that answer.

I have talked about it to my parents many times, have told them about him and about his reversion to Islam. But they say it doesn't matter to them because they have to go with the norms, the society will look down upon them with disgust, and I just don't understand why society is their priority and not my happiness and above all, accepting a revert in to our family with open arms.

Anyway, I'll stick to my prayers and I know Allah will do the best :)

Thanks again!

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Is it true the Salats of one who has hurt his/her parents are not accepted? Is it written anywhere in the Quran or Hadiths. Please give references.

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A/a my dear sister in Islam.

Every one that reverts [accepts Islam] is no less than any other Muslim fellow. In fact, I do believe that people who are Muslims by birth, are Muslims most of the times only because they were born into a Muslim family. On the other hand, a revert, is a person, who is born into non-Muslim family, realizes the truth, and dares to accept it. Reverts, as per me, are most respect and honor worthy.

What you have done, is patience. Yes, parents hold a very, very important role and authority in an Islamic society. They should be respected, regarded, and obeyed, No matter what, unless their commands and wishes go against the commands and wishes of Allah, the Greatest.

Talk to your parents, about your choice, Islam totally allows and encourages it. Marriage against will, choice and acceptance is a compulsion. And, compulsion does not hold value, had it, why would not Prophet Muhammad SAW use it spread Islam?

Let your parents know about your choice, and your choice's intention to accept Islam. Also, talk to your choice, tell him, his acceptance of Islam should be regardless of you. It is for the acceptance of right, truth and Allah, not for you.

At last, pray, pray and pray. Ask Allah to show you a guiding way. Rest, "innal-laha mas-sabreen"

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