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My husband got transfer to jhb and left me with my family until he settles in jh before taking us. But its now gone two yrs we living in a long distance marriage. He sends money, his fone calls and msgs are becoming lesser says too busy. We visit each other once every two yhrw montbs.. when he visits he spends more time out with frienda en fishing dan wid my son.and i. Spenda one night with me only and the rest out. Even when we together im still alone. I feel neglected, unloved and cheated. When i ask him when he taking us with him he says he doant know and i musnt pressurise him. My family has to do all the physical.responsiblity towarda my son and i, school doctors. His family arw in durban but they dont help me. Plus when i told his family speak to.him about taking us dey ignore me. My son is confused says his fayher dosnt love him thats why keeps leaving him. Im very fraustrated and now my husband says if im not happy living like this i must leave him. What do i do? Whats islamic point of view on long distnace marriage. His brother alsoa treats his wife lime this to extent she had marital affair. I dont want our marriahe to go through all that.

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