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Suggest me what to eat in sehar time because I am very active in sports. I am fully determined to hit 30/31 unlike last time. But it's toooooo long and I think I'll die cause of hunger. I literally play cricket (not on ps3) and go to training twice a week. (Rebirth of a new muslim inside myself)

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Asalam walaikum ! brother ,first of all i,m not professional in that field ,but as i have experianced it by myself during the Holly month of RAMADHAN ,what might can help u to bring the long days through is to eat lots of dadels,peanut butter and cream fresh in suhoor and to be mentioned to be patient ,i,m sure Allah s.w.t help u insha Allah make it and u,d also experiance a little bit better Ramadhan.(Allah s.w.t helps everyone who is decisieve to make the most of this Holly month insha Allah wa tehalaa.

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Dude i am in UK so i have no different lenghth of fast than u and i do it whilst doing my work


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Cuz listen u know what when you play cricket at f**g 20 C, it drives you bananas. It's much easier to kill time when at good environment (work) .

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Well it wouldn't be in the spirit of fasting if you just eat sehri and just sit around watching tv until iftaar. You should try to maintain normal lifestyle.

And I would recommend this:

Plus cycling 10 miles to other work woah

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@abdulwasay Bruv what the heck was that in the pic?? Made me laugh

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Thats used as a fan. The protrusion is used for swinging the fan.

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