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My mom likes my younger sister more than me..she praises her all the time and even though she does something wrong my mom would it up. On the other with all the rest of us she would tell everyone our mistakes. She would always compare her to me i am older than her..she says look at her why cant you be like her. I dont have a problem with my sister i just dont like when im compared tl her all the time. We do the same chores at home but when she does it shes praised..and even though i do chores around the house its as if i didnt do anything. I feel like mistreated..i am not being treated fairly

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I go through through the same my sister is married already but they are always comparing me with her

(Jun 26 at 08:47) suniza suniza's gravatar image

Thats wrong but just ignore your parents weakness. They do it to me on several occassions but i dont tske it to the heart. They will love you even if they dont love equally

(Jun 26 at 11:23) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image
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