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به من

The well known work of this great contemporary intellectual possess great theological and philosophical significance . This book is a befitting answer to the western accusations of Fundamentalist or Revivalist Islam. He emphasized the importance of logic, the need of causality and the role of vigorous philosophical and theological thought in being able to combat the forces of secularism and agnosticism. In a long introduction the flaws and disadvantages of capitalism and materialism are delineated and the truth and benefits of Islam are pointed out. The Rest of the book is divided in two main sections, The theory of Knowledge and the philosophical notions concerning the world. The author also looks at the conflicts between materialism and theology as it relates to knowledge and thought. A collection of basic notions concerning the world and our way of considering it. Divided into two investigations: one concerned with the theory of knowledge, and the other, with the philosophical notion of the world.

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Do you know where I can get this in pdf?

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Our philosophy sadr pdf.

Worked for me.

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