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is it allow in islam to have boy friend or girl friend

nooooooo not at all it is not allowed to keep a boyfriend or girlfriend in islam as shaytan then does all the evil and make one have the urge to do zina as far as it is said by scholars. and we do a lot of sin after making a GF or a BF rest you know very well.this world is not for fantasising about others but yes allah has created a pair for everyone as he created for ADAM alaissalam so why not wait for the right time to come and get yourselfs married directly friend. remember this world is a test taken by allah in which we have to pass any how so that we can stay in the houses in the hereafter beneath which the rivers flow.

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basically, NO

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Salam bro

Not at all

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No it is not allowed in islam, Because girl and boy both are not mehram to each other

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you may only speak and show yourself to a mahram which is a husband an uncle a father and a brother imagine how haram it is to be in a relashinship when it is only allowed to speak to a mahram now you want a relashinship witha non-mahram? somone can commit zina with evry body part and tht is basically what couples do you will be commited zina with every part but you sexual organs and that is haram think about it you look at her you speak to her you kiss her you walk to he or with her you touch her every other zina there is if so bad espically cause you do it over and over and afterwards you keep thinking of her if you want allah mercy and to enter paradise i suggest you keep away from that it will be much better for you to wait and marry a women and also this is all done to protect us how hard will it be to control yourself from a women when you are constantly with her and how do you know she will stay with you or the man will stay with her the americans here they sit around crying all day for weeks almost mourning over a guy ecause he left her she has these thoughts like she is ugly or she dosent deserve anyone no one likes her and why would anyone want to go through this the best protection is from allah and if you listen to what allah commanded us then you will surley be protected and there wont be any time that you will just feel misralble because another human being hurt you when allah is on your side everyone noone else matters and no one can beat you hurt you or have a negative affect on you do it for your protection and paradise that is much better then doing it for fun or for plesuse becase jannah is better than anything presented or given to us on earth

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sorry to bump into this old topic, but just wanted to register my opinion.. if this bf/gf is romantic, u better establish it via the constitution of marriage to make it halal. If is a professional relation, make sure u both safegaurd ur modesty and hav the fear of Allah and not cross the limits.. If it is just for fun, then remember, u r buying ur own ticket to hell...

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