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I'm in a 3 year long distance relationship with my husband. The marriage was arranged, I went back twice so far. Once for the wedding and then a year later I went back for 6 months because he kept telling me to visit him. I am currently in Canada and my husband is in. About 4 months after my last visit, my husband went on a trip to Dubai with his (single) friends. He spend 1 weeks in Dubai. Everyday I would talk to him on the phone/skype. I was worried because he asked me to send him $$ because he didnt have any and my close friend told me to be cautious as men with money in Dubai usually go to nighclubs and have fun with girls. Although I knew that he would be out till 3 or 4 in the morning, I trusted him that he wouldn't betray me, so I sent him the amount he asked for, $300. When I asked him where he would be till 3 am every night, he told me that he would go out with his friends to the theaters and that here in Dubai, people go out at night. He would always tell me how much he missed me and he even burned his arm with a cigarette to show his feelings for me.

Recently, like about 2 months ago, we were having an intense conversation and he told me that he thought this was the right time to tell me and that he trusted me not to judge him. So he told me that, while he was in Dubai he use to go to night clubs only because his friends "forced" him to go with them and that he felt bad for going. He told that his friends would drink and have sex there but he swore to Allah (which he takes seriously) that he didnt do anything that would "disappoint" me: he didnt have sex or drink. He seemed proud that he didnt do this, he even told me to pray 2 rakat nafl that he didnt do anything that would disappoint me. So I want to know based on this extra information, does it seem like he actually did anything at the nightclubs? I asked him if he wanted to do anything with the girls there and he told me that if I didnt eat for days and someone put a plate of delicious food in front of you, wouldnt you be tempted to eat it? he said thats how he felt there but he said he "controlled" himself. He told me that if he had done zina or something, then there would be no point in telling me, he would have never even brought the topic up. He told me that he will never do it again obviously. Aside from this he is a very loving husband and I didnt expect this from him as he is constantly showing his love for me. He always tells me how lucky he is to have me as his wife.

So my question(s) is, is my husband cheating on me or was it a mistake? What should I do? How can I save my marriage? and Should I tell his parents? (btw I'm going to visit him in 4 months,Insh'Allah, to work things out) I appreciate any feedback I can get from you guys... Thank you in advance.

You seem to have given too much freedom to your husband. It's something you should grab before it's too late, or maybe it's already too late but but.

God says in the Quran "Those bad men for those bad women and those good men for those good women."

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