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Assalamualaikum.. i m in a confusion actually.. since ramadan is cominh.. my issue is that during taraweeh while offering taraweeh in masjid behind the imam are we allowed to follow the imam's recitation with quran?? coz i have seen many people who hold quran in prayer and keep following the imam.. is it permissible?

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Assalamualaikum, May Allah bless you for this question. Its okay and here is the reply with proof from a Mufti (knowledgeable scholar):

1255: Ruling on reading from the Mus-haf during prayer

Is it permissible for the imam to read from the Quran during Tarawih prayers in Ramadan? Are prayers not accepted if the Imam reads from Quran during Tarawih prayers?

Praise be to Allaah.

There is nothing wrong with reading from the Mus-haf during night prayers in Ramadaan, because this will make the members of the congregation hear all of the Qur’aan. The Qur’aan and Sunnah indicate that Qur’aan should be recited in prayer, whether it is from the Mus-haf or from memory. It was proven that ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) told her freed slave Dhakwaan to lead her in praying qiyaam in Ramadaan, and he used to read from the Mus-haf. Al-Bukhaari mentioned this in his Saheeh…

May Allah bless you and everyone.

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