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I'm a brand new revert. I'm planning on taking Arabic classes this fall at college. I want to be able to read the Quran without translation.

I just found out an Imam is actually teaching the class. That makes me even more excited to learn. But, my concern is prayer times. The class is from 12:00-1:30 (12:00-13:30). In my city, Dhuhr is at 1:15 (13:15). If my professor is an Imam and Dhuhr is during my class (even though its close to the end) is that a valid excuse to wait until after?

Normally I would ask the professor if I can pray, and they usually let me. But if the professor is an Imam will I insult him if I ask to pray, because shouldn't he be praying too?

I'm confused... Please help.

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Al Salam Alaykom brother, and Ma Sha Allah on your reverting, May Allah bless you and all your deeds, and may you enjoys His Rewards in this life and the after-life.

The issue of praying at the time of prayer is important of course, and you are correct. There is good and best. Best of the best is praying at its time, excusing the class for it. Good, not best, is praying it a little later.

In Islam, we do our actions for Allah and His Acceptance, and not for human beings. As long as you excuse yourself in a good manner as you do, there is no insult, and no embarrassment, and surely he understands as you speak.

May Allah bless your acts all in all.

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