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Asalam u alaykom brothers and sisters.

  My question is if it is allowed to makeup during Ramadan, I mean when you fasts.

Thank you.

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Asalam Alaykom, May Allah bless you for your question. Its unclear and what you are seeking is fatwa (ruling) on this matter. I will tell you simply, makeup prevents correct cleaning (wuduh) for prayers, so it should be removed when doing so. If putting it for husband or other allowed people in family its ok, even during Ramadan. If going out with it for people to see its Haram Ramadan or not. Finally, the things that affect fasting are explicitly stated, and this matter is not one of them. If you want a link to a trusted English fatwa regarding the matter then please ask. May Allah guide you to the best.

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No problem with fasts. I think.

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