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Yasin T. al-Jibouri, Translator of this book, has been writing, translating and publishing Islamic literature since January of 1974 when he started in Atlanta, Georgia, the publication of Islamic Affairs bimonthly newsletter. So far, he has written, edited and translated a total of 62 titles, not counting this one, and you can send him an email to request their list. Al-Jibouri is well known for his two-volume book Allah: The Concept of God in Islam and for his translations, particularly of Al-Murajaat: A Shii-Sunni Dialogue and recently his three-volume translation of Nahjul-Balagha: The Path of Eloquence, a monumental achievement by all standards. These three volumes have been published in the United States and in Iraq. The Iraqi edition is in full color and can be obtained from the Ministry of Culture. Authorhouse ( has published some of his works, while Amazon ( is marketing them globally. He presently has a list of other translations of his which he intends to publish in the U.K. in cooperation with the Ahlulbayt Organization and in the U.S. on his own in the coming months, Insha-Allah, books that are badly needed by the Islamic library which lacks quality literature on the histories and biographies of Ahlulbayt alaihimis-salam with whom the vast majority of the Muslims are unfamiliar. Ahlulbayt Organization is glad to be able to publish these quality books for you and solicits your support, morally and financially.

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