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Ok so this is a really short summary of what’s going on. Basically my father is an oppressor. The rest of my family left him because of this but I stayed with him because I felt sorry and wanted to help him. However, he oppresses me on a daily basis. Verbally, emotionally attacks me and enjoys doing it. It is unbearable. He thinks he is all knowing, all ways right. I do nothing back, I’m bigger than him, stronger than him but I do nothing to hurt him, I never talk back. He forced me to emotionally hurt my mother and now I never see her, I haven’t seen any of my mother or 5 siblings for 2 years now. Even though I know it is my father who is wrong. I have no friends, no family, I am all alone (well I do have friends, but my father doesn’t like it when I see them). People come up to my father and tell him he should stop, but he says he will never change. He uses Islam as an excuse to hurt me. Says for a true Muslim this life should be a prison, it should be like hell. Nobody likes him (it’s not just me) all his friends have left him, even the sheikhs who were friends with him, who were trying to help him have left him, they don’t want anything to do with him. My father thinks everyone has turned against him, when in reality it is him who is the oppressor. And now I feel my faith in Islam is in jeopardy. Whenever I’m with Muslim friends, they make Islam look so peaceful and nice, but when I am with my father he makes Islam look like a religion of oppression. I’m starting to turn against Islam. I go on the internet to look for reasons why Islam is a fake religion. I can see myself becoming an atheist. I used to be religious, I used to cry when I hear about Allah, and I used to do daub. My friend became a Muslim because of me. But my father’s oppression has sapped all motivation out of me. Not just towards Islam, but also towards things like getting a job, having a family etc. etc. I feel like I just want to die He tells me that he will never leave me, he will go where ever I go, even sleep in my house when I am married. I have the money to run away, which is what I have always dreamed of doing my whole life. But I don’t know how long the money will last; he forces me to give him money when he needs it. So if I run, it will have to be soon. So what does Islam say about my situation? Can I run away? Can I have a life? Please help!!!

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