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I am looking for some things that will explain how great and rewarding it is to be modest and to accept hijab, how it's a blessing not being suppressed, for a friend of mine she is very interested but at the same time very stubborn can someone please give me any advice or links to some information that might be easy for her to understand?

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Meant explaining *

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Have you ever seen a catholic nun? They choose to wear their veals for their love of their faith, when a muslim women wants to wear a veal for the love of their faith all of the sudden it's oppressive? The media is surely run by the enemies of Islam. A headscarf or veal what ever you people call them these days, they're for a women to cover herself from men who look to "Women-eyes" or look at a women and admire her body parts or assets, this kind of stuff leads to rapes, kidnapping and violence towards women, let a women please their husband and their husband only at home while without the scarf on their heads, it's not oppressive, it's a way Muslim women keep their dignity instead of showing the men their body parts, hair, and stomach it's not good. God forbid a women shows too much skin and a man is please so he goes and commits zina, rape, or even a rape murder combo. Take care sister Allah bless you, Ramadan Kareem! Your fellow muslim, Muhammad noor.

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Thank you brother I appreciate this, May Allah bless you, Ramadan Mubarak!

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