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I'm going through something really bad which legally cannot be solved unless a miracle happens. I am not religious, and i always express my hate towards Allah when things go wrong as I don't want to understand (during the bad time) why he would do this to me. (I do NOT hate Allah, I just used to find it hard to understand why he would make me suffer) Please, that was what i USED to think. I do not think that now. DO NOT TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY AS I AM ON HERE TO BE CLOSER TO ALLAH!!!! I WANT TO BE CLOSE WITH ALLAH! I get bullied severely and the reason for my bullying cannot be fixed as it's legally impossible to change what has happened to me. It's so bad that I want to commit suicide (I am not wanting to make a statement to Allah that he has failed me, nor do I want to respect his plans for me to live my life and how, but I feel that free will does not exist because this certain thing has happened to me) I don't want to end my life because I hate God, I simply cannot live with people making fun of me.

They say Allah gives you as much as you can handle, but that isn't the case. It breaks my heart to think of myself not waking up another day but there I am SO unhappy that nothing seems worth it anymore. I asked a question on here before about my mother abusing me, and since I told people to pray for me, THAT situation resolved so my relationship with my mother is very good now! But I feel bad that you guys prayed for me and I didn't pray for myself as if I made you do the work for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this.

I feel guilty for coming on here when I have a problem, like using someone when I need something as i am not religious. I want to change my attitude towards religion and explore the different perceptions of it. I need someone to talk to right now and I don't know what to do. I feel guilty for living because there are people living in poverty and there's me..I'm not suffering physically but even then I cannot BARE living as the problem that I have is with me forever.

Nobody understands. Please help me and guide me. I'm not saying I'm going to change into God's greatest friend, but I want some guidence of what religion is all about to YOU (whoever answering) because I really need something to believe in..especially at a time like this. I don't want you to think I'm an over dramatic weirdo, but my problem really is that bad and it's stopping me from living a life without bullying. I need a MIRACLE to amend a document that will change my life.

Bullying hurts so badly, I DO NOT WANT TO UPSET ALLAH, and I don't want you to judge me or scare me and say I'm going to Hell, I don't want to go there and I think if anyone says that to me I'll get scared. I get bullied so badly I cannot take it. I left school because I got bullied to an extreme and then got bullied at work all because a legal document cannot be changed.

I don't want to seem like I'm asking too much of you but I'M BEGGING!!!!!!!!!..please, pray for me. My mother is nice to me after she mentally abused me for months! all because i told you guys and you prayed for me! I'm sure of it! Ok, sorry i'll stop typing. please, someone, talk to me. I need someone to talk to!

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Ellieve Al Salam Alykom,

Well you need someone to talk to you, I will simply say: YOU ARE SICK IN MIND AND SOUL!

You are so disrespectful of Allah, and you go ashtray because you are a failure, and you are a failure because you think you are SOMETHING! SOMEONE! who can ATTACK Allah Almighty...

Well, Allah Said that those taking this STANCE are apt to be failures in life and the afterlife if they do no get back.

WAKE UP!! You are 100% adult and fully responsible in the eyes of Islam.

Enough said you disrespectful person, I am appalled by the such of you being ALLOWED to speak like this.

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Al Salam Alaykom Noor, First may Allah bless you and forgive you for name-calling me crazy, you are my brother and I wish you the best. Muhammad what she does, and how she speaks of Allah, makes any Muslim jealous for Allah Almighty, and Allah is over and above human beings. Yes Allah deals with everyone, but we have to say to people on their face what they are doing and to tell them that Satan road doesn't have a good end. We are not kids to beg her, and we cannot make someone go ashtray. May Allah forgive you and guide us all.

(Jun 29 at 13:00) 123 AbduAllah 123%20AbduAllah's gravatar image

I apologize for calling you crazy and we are trying to fix people's mistakes by making them better Muslims, I think we need to teach the people so they can learn to love Allah. I am jealous when people criticize my religion but then I teach them and they learn that what they've been doing was wrong and they do better afterwards. I don't scare them to hell and make them go "ashtray" they must stop smoking too the ashtray needs to be thrown away it's Ramadan right?? God forgive you too and I.

(Jun 29 at 13:22) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

I'm not disrespectful to Allah, if I was, I would not be on ISLAM.COM!!!! You are the one who is hurtful to me as you do not want to understand my situation. If you were going to comment you should've been nice. Calling someone who is on medication for depression and anxiety 'sick in the mind and soul' isn't nice. I also have post traumatic stress from abuse from my own mother so don't talk to me like I'm ungrateful for life. Ofcourse I questioned Allah when I was suffering most, asked him why he would do this to me. but at the end of the day things like that happen and I'm only seeking to

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have a stronger relationship. I want to pray and believe in Allah. Don't insult me for being honest. I found you so nasty. You called me sick in the mind for wanting a stronger relationship with Allah. If you read my question, I put that I wanted to you have any compassion

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Thank you Muhammed noor qutawana. You're the one who is understanding of my situation. Instead of just insulting me, you are helping me to become a better Muslim.

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Don't play as a victim here on us, you are the victim of your attacking verbally Allah Almighty, you seek His way as He Said, that is not being honest, you are disrespectful to Allah, then of course to any human being. You confirmed being sick and I just stated the facts. For spiritual and physical and overall healing, know that you are a weak servant to Allah, and act as such, and Allah guaranteed you a good life and after life. May Allah bless your way and guide you to him and forgive all your sins.

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There are some things I experienced which were so humiliating as a teenager.I fear that it might happen again all because of my name. There was always a boy in my class who would spit on me infront of everyone. I'd hold in my tears until i was out of the classroom knowing that i'd see him again. the other stuff is too embarrassing to say. I worry that if my certificate doesn't change people will always make fun of me like they did when i got a job after i left school. i had to leave afterwards because i couldnt take it anymore. I'm sorry to be so annoying, ur the only person who understands

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123 AbduAllah You must've misunderstood me. I did not say that I HATED Allah. By saying 'I don't want to end my life because I hate God' I meant 'I don't want to end my life because I hate God, BECAUSE I DON'T,if anything i don't want to upset him by doing so, or making him feel like i did it as an act AGAINST him, I want to end my life because the humiliation and bullying is getting hard to handle'

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Man abduallah what do you think you are some clergy of Islam, you think you know everything, Allah doesn't like loudmouth smart ass like you say "oh shit you gon go to hell you suck at life" makes me seem that you're just some little kid trying to screw around on this site, f**k out of here man you ain't smack.

(Jun 29 at 13:57) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

123AbduAllah..You misunderstood me..let me tell you something to make u understand. I am the only muslim in my whole city. I live in england & my parents let me choose if i wanted to b religious because forcing religion onto some1 doesn't make them TRULY have faith in it does it? Anyway, when bad things started 2 happen 2 me, i did hate God, I blamed him (BEFORE not now) but now, i realise that bad things are the perfect reason why i should want to be closer to Allah and not push Him away as I need Him more than I need anyone else. I'm coming on here to be a better Muslim and to be forgiven

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Muhammed noor qutawna. I will always remember that you prayed for me. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS! I cannot thank you enough for being here when I needed someone to talk to.

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Don't worry elliev you're a good man, you will learn more about Islam soon inshallah, 123abduallah like I said ain't smack, now he's gonna comment "god forgive you for these words, these people are "ashtray" same stuff he's been writing for hours.

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Thank you to everyone who answered yesterday. My parents made an important phone call this morning to the people in charge of my birth certificate. I prayed all night for a miracle, the one thing I've only ever needed so I do not get bullied but they said there's nothing they can do. I'm stuck with this forever. It's so disheartening. People will always make fun of me now. Words cannot explain my sadness and I feel terrible that I feel worse about this than I did when the closest person to me passed away.

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Asalam alikum brother or sister,

One fast thing, no one can tell someone else that they're going to hell or heaven, Allah only knows this information, which Allah is truly the greatest one of all and the almighty understands the creations true intentions. I am not an islamic scholar, but listen to me. Allah gives all his creations the most difficult of times, this life is but a test for us. Allah puts you thought good and bad tests to examine you and your actions, for an example,god forbid if you are in a problem, they will torture and kill you for your islamic faith unless you change your faith from Islam, this is a test, Allah is trying to examine you whether you are worthy of paradise, if you do not renounce your islamic faith you'll die, and be in paradise for eternity, and those who made you suffer for being yourself will pay the ultimate price once they die they will suffer extremely for the eternal hell fires. There is no reason to be upset, this may sound crazy to you, but thank Allah for anything you get whether it's a punch in the face or a kiss from your husband. Everything that comes is by the will of Allah, don't blame Allah for things you've done or others things that are bad, Allah is so great in the Quran it says Allah knows everything his creations are doing, they get choices from their good or bad consciences. Pray to Allah, get closer to Allah and I believe by the will of the almighty Allah you will get better inshallah. I think I heard you say not to talk about others, but there are people who live much worse than you do, the people in Syria, they lost their families, and land, they fight for the will of Allah even more. This is the true mentality of a muslim, they know even if the odds are against them, Allah will always be on the Muslims side. You may also think I'm crazy but I read a book and the folks constantly make remarks about a man, he says to them, thanks for cheering for me, this is e real mentality, always make yourself feel better and have more confidence. Never hate or curse Allah, this is a terrible act. Keep close to your faith and remember no body is better than you, we are all the same being children of Adam and Eve. I don't understand what miracle document is unless it is Quran please tell me I will find you the surats in the holy Quran, the miracle could be done with prayer and changing your ways to become devout to Allah, even if you lose belief in Allah remember the greatest one who created all of the worlds and all of the living things on earth, so great and so worthy of worship, Allah.

Your fellow muslim, Muhammad noor qutawna.

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You are so kind. Thank you..I TRULY mean it from my heart! The legal document I'm talking about is something that has all my information on..there is one bit of information that is VERY bad. It's my birth certificate..i didn't want to say. My name is something horrific and my parents didnt know what it was in english. I know I can change my name 'legally' bu the birth certificate will always stay the same. I thought i'd tell you what the 'legal doc' was so u have a full understanding of my situation. I know it must sound stupid 2 u that i'm thinking of ending my life because of something like

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a name but it's so horrific. I wanted to be a journalist, but with birth certificates being accessible to the public, i will be extremely disheartened if i got bullied for doing what i love. When people make jokes about my name i can't take it. It reminds me of when i was at school and i cried when i went home EVERYDAY. i just want to change my BIRTH CERTIFICATE so i can say people used to just have a bad nickname for me but my real name wasnt bad. Do you understand what i'm saying? if you knew what my name was you'd probably think 'i feel so bad for u' i got bullied to a point where

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i couldnt go to school anymore. Even people who don't know me pronounce my name wrong and at the doctors. It's not their fault sometimes, if i was someone else n i heard that someone was called my name, i'd think 'OH MY GOSH, HOW COULD YOUR PARENTS DO THAT TO YOU'

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please pray for me to be able to change it. I don't want to live like this. I'm on medication because of stress from being emotionally abused by my mother and getting SEVERELY BULLIED at school. my hair has fallen out and it won't grow back because i now have alopecia. now that things with my mother have resolved and she has made it clear that she loves me, this is the thing that is stressing me out. I haven't slept in 4 days and i'm dehydrated from crying. PLEASE, I KNOW THAT I MUST SEEM LIKE I'M CRYING OVER NOTHING BUT IT'S SO BAD. I will always remember the people helping me on here. thanks

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It's not your fault you were named that. There are some closed minded stubborn people in what country? If it's America, boy I can understand, my name is muhammad noor, people used to call me manure! Cow poop! I didn't like it so much but I went on I thank god for every moment of my life. I believe you're able to change your name on a birth certificate try asking a lawyer. There's no need for suicide over a birthname, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU. Don't worry about the others, try having people understand who you really are and, inshallah pray to Allah, pray every day, pray every salah you make.

(Jun 29 at 11:39) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

These legal documents, if people had a brain they wouldn't judge someone for their name. If I met a person named satan, and that individual was very friendly and generous I wouldn't go on and bother them. I leaned on this site that Allah grants you a good stage in paradise for not arguing and forgiving, Allah gives you a better stage in paradise for ending and argument even though you're right, and Allah gaurentees paradise for those who show good manners. Allah will help you inshallah and it's just a name it's no stamp on your soul. Pray a lot and ask for mercy of Allah you will not regret it

(Jun 29 at 11:43) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

I checked with a lawyer and they ALL said you can't but my parents are going to see what they can do in a few days! I JUST PRAY that it can get changed. By law, in the UK (where i'm from) you can only change ur name legally by deed poll but there will always b evidence of ur birth name on ur certificate. they don't change it because they believe its a 'historical fact' and now a bit of paper that can't be changed has ruined my life. I know I sound stupid for crying about a name, but the bullying was so bad, i live at home without a job or friends because of this.

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people just don't understand. People didn't want to sit next to me at school and it hurt so much. I was bullied by older boys at school when i was just 13..i had to leave school at 16. I did move to another school but it was just as bad there. I can't bare having people saying the things they said to me at school. I cannot go through with that again. I already take tablets for anxiety and depression. I don't want it to get worse. I'm glad you understand me..i'm sorry people called you manure! Thank you for praying for me

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That time they called me manure it was so ridiculous I started laughing until I went to sleep. It's fine though thanks. I'll pray for you especially during Ramadan, even laylat al qadr, Allah accepts all prayers, you must sincerely pray, from the bottom of your heart. What you want may not happen now, maybe in a week, a year, a moment, a lifetime, but you'll get the greatest reward from the almighty. Fast this Ramadan and your mentality will change. If people bully you beat them up, stick with Muslimsin your area. We made a group where I live all Muslims called "al Shabab al urdon". God bless.

(Jun 29 at 12:06) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

In a city full of Italians and Jewish people no body messes with us. Muslims stick together no matter what name, race, look, age, or anything. Pray hard and think everything is going to be alright and Allah will help you, Allah doesn't let his creations suffer when they pray, they'll all get their reward.

(Jun 29 at 12:09) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image
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Would you please listen to this lecture on the youtube? Very very nice to hear this will strengthen your faith in Islam.

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Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah

Thank you for your post.

I have a very good news for you sister and a challenge.

First, the good news. Please watch this (this is the good news). Please do watch, and then, and AFTER YOU WATCH IT, please visit

OK now for a fun challenge. Please try now to count your worries and difficulties. Now try to count your blessings. My challenge that you will always find your blessings to be greater than your worries. As a matter of fact, my challenge is that you will not be able to even count your blessings.

yes, this means the blessings you have are UNCOUNTABLE. Wont you be grateful? How much has Allah blessed you? Have you thought about your mother, how Allah made her kind towards you. It was not the users of this site who did that, but it was Allah Himself who did that for you. Even if all the users of this site, and the planet had begged Allah for you, unless He willed it Himself, He would not have granted this to you. How can you then hate Allah? It does not befit a believer in Allah to think like that - ever.

May Allah guide you and forgive you your sins, and make matters easy for you. Ameen.

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u dont understand!everything I hav depends on this 1 legal document that cant be law it isnt able 2 be changed under ANY circumstances..i need a miracle to get it changed..Do u think Allah can make miracles happen? This document gets rid of my blessings..its RUINED my life!It makes me want2 die, i havent eaten/slept properly & I hav alopecia(hair loss) Im a 19 y/o female & I had 2 leave scool @ 16 as I got bullied SO badly. Wen I got a job,I got bullied there 2. IM BEGGING U,U MUST BEG ALLAH ON MY BEHALF 4 A CHANCE 2 GET THIS LEGAL DOCUMENT CHANGED 4 ME,OR LIFE WILL BE UNBEARABLE.

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Is there some sort of black magic that had been done on you? If there is go to a sheikh, in the local mosque, he will make a dua and you should to to get rid of your problem

(Jun 29 at 10:47) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

Allah tests a man by giving him pain and sorrows. Now, if he is making you to go through a bad time, then you should understand that he wants to reduce/forgive your sins!

Suppose the question paper of an exam was too hard. then the evaluation process will be easier. In the same way, if Allah is giving you sorrows, then have patience, make your Imaan stronger and your sins will be forgiven InsaAllah.

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