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I used to mastrubate almost daily for sexual gratification but know almost 1 year has passed since I last menstrubated. But problem is that once I get aroused I cannot concentrate on anything else. I can't study I can't think of anything but mastrubate. Please help. I dont want to do it anymore. But I cannot carry out my daily routine works. What should I do.

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Al Salam Alaykom Haron Khan, May Allah bless you and guide you to His Path. I wish to add a suggestion to the good things the brothers said: try to monitor your eating habits and certain foods, and get into the habit of fasting (Seyam), and get involved with good people (or at least leave the bad ones if any). May Allah bless your efforts.

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Salam to you. Its a great problem for the young generations. I gave up masturbation about 7 years ago. Fear of Allah helped me. Try to pray 5 times in Masjid, dont watch porn, when something erotic comes to your mind then remember the punishments after life. And if you are capable of marrying the get in marriage.


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5 times salat because it gives shame.

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