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Please, I beg you, PLEASE beg Allah to let the courts change a legal document (that all the lawyers are telling me you can't change under any circumstances)and make them see how bad the problem is. I need them to change this document as I get bullied SO badly! Maybe if Allah helps them to see how bad this is making my life, they will make an exception and change it for me. PLEASE, I WILL BE SO HAPPY!!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME RIGHT NOW. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU. I HAVE NEVER HAD TO BEG FOR SOMETHING IN MY LIFE PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO GET BULLIED, IT MAKES ME WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE AS LIFE IS UNBEARABLE BUT I DO NOT WANT TO UPSET ALLAH AND ALSO I DO NOT WANT TO DIE BUT IT THIS LEGAL DOCUMENT IS THE REASON THAT IT'S MAKING MY LIFE MISERABLE. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME IF YOU ARE READING THIS. I KNOW IT'S NOT YOUR PROBLEM BUT I HOPE YOU FEEL FOR ME! please! thank you

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I will pray for your sister, please turn to Allah sister for he will give you peace through any amount of suffering.

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did you pray for me? Thank you, I know it isn't your problem so it makes me grateful that you still care!

(Jun 29 at 06:35) elliev elliev's gravatar image

Yes I did sister and will continue to just keep looking to him he will not put you through anything that he does not intend to bring you through, and sister when one of us hurts it affects us all we are all here for you never forget that :)

(Jun 29 at 09:01) deathiscertain87 deathiscertain87's gravatar image

Inshallah I will pray for you but this legal document? For bully, or the islamic faith? Allah guide you

(Jun 29 at 10:45) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

please can you pray for my birth certificate to be changed. PLEASE. I need a miracle because the law doesn't allow it to be changed but what if they make an exception? I'm sorry, i know this isn't your problem and i don't want to be a burden but i just need help. Thank you so much

(Jun 29 at 11:34) elliev elliev's gravatar image
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May Allah grant you strength and the very best. Dont worry Think of it as test from Allah and you will succeed .

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