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Allah says that that He is the only one who created the universe and everything in it, but who or what created Him? Please no foolish one -liners like 'He always existed' How did he come to be? Moreover, who created that being? Something can't JUST exist. Another puzzling aspect of Islam is the idea of free will. Allah is the All Knowing, and has already written down our faiths and outcomes in detail. Some people say this is true, but we can choose which path we take (and therefore free will comes to play). This is utterly ridiculous to me as this cancels out the All Knowing aspect of Allah. Please clarify in the best possible way. Allah says that He created us for no foolish reason, but for us to worship Him alone. Subhanallah, I feel bad for saying this but isn't that a little selfish of Him. Please make me see through this notion. Finally I would like to say, please answer these questions as soon as possible and in an acceptable manner with out stupidity and ignorance in it. P.s. I am sorry for being so blunt with my questions and some people will see it's content as loss of faith on my part and forget that one of the main rulings of Islam is seeking knowledge (about Islam or otherwise) hopefully you aren't one of them.

Al Salam Alykom whomever you are,

First, I will simply say: YOU ARE SICK IN MIND AND SOUL!

Asking these questions can either make you closer to Allah Almighty and your understanding of His Religion, if asked appropriately. Or they can lead you to SATANIC roads of thoughts and endings.

WAKE UP!! You are 100% adult and fully responsible in the eyes of Islam.

A, B, C's of Islam is that whatever you are doing its a MAJOR SIN; one word can get you 70 years deep in hell as Islam taught us.

Your wordings are SICK! Its not the question, because Allah Almighty presented this topic in full in a form humans can fully understand, whether Muslims or not.

Enough said you disrespectful person, I am appalled by the such of you being ALLOWED to speak like this.

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And you know how long one day is in jahanem? 50,000 years on earth! Watch your words. You wrote this answer for the same 4 questions Abdullah you need to give information on these questions. Not just blast them with things they don't even know about yet you understand. You are from Nigeria?

(Jun 29 at 13:26) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

Al Salam Alaikom Noor, take it easy, I wish you the best. Reply your replies, and let me do mine too. Your statement is wrong on many levels, and its so easy for you to personally attack. I am focus on the acts and don't start making things up. I promise you, for me and you, for Allah, I will NEVER reply to any of your sayings again.

(Jun 29 at 13:33) 123 AbduAllah 123%20AbduAllah's gravatar image

I believe the answer to your question is that Allah understands that humans are his creations, meant to worship only but the one true god Allah. Allah put us on this earth to test us. Because right now if the stubborn shaytan had listen to god and bowed to his first created humans, shaytan wouldn't be such an evil person to lure adman and eve to eat that fruit, we would all be in paradise. Earth is just a punishment for Adam and Eve for eating the fruit in paradise. Shaytan tries to make all the creations of Allah do against the islamic ways. Allah is the greatest my friend. And don't call Allah selfish you should be thankful for living your life and getting gifts. Calling Allah selfish is a curse towards him because it's not true. I'm not against you I'm just trying to tell you to watch things you say because god judges people on the things they say. We have been given a good and bad conscience to control out selves, but Allah knows the future because he is simply the most greatest. Don't lose faith bro or sis. Your friend, muhammad noor

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I asked for answers. Although you have answered the final part about selfishness(subhanallah ) the first and second part were left unanswered. Allah wants us to question these things and gain further knowledge about these things , because understanding will only bring is closer and make us more loyal to Him. And please don't go writing stories about just one part of the question. I am doing this to be closer to Allah and not to belittle Islam in any way. P.s. Blindly believing in something without questioning its reasoning just makes someone unsure later on when asked about these things.

(Jun 29 at 11:05) Aymanazmi Aymanazmi's gravatar image

@abdul_wasay help me out brotha.

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Today while praying Tarawih, I couldn't stop thinking about what I asked, and then suddenly the answer came to me. As for the first point, Allah mentions in Surat al Ikhlas that He is the one and only creator, and using this and the basic information given to us by Allah, I came to the conclusion that Allah wants us to trust Him that He is the one and only creator. We should trust Allah and obey Him unconditionally. As for the second part about Allah knowing the outcomes of our lives and still testing us remains to be unanswered. I've looked up many sources, but all come up with the same answer (Allah knows our faiths, but gives us freewill to choose our paths). This is the part that doesn't make sense to me (see original post). I appreciate all helpful comments, but please don't bother commenting about how sick in the head someone is by asking questions. Those are the type of answers that push away non-muslims from Islam. @123 AbduAllah - I asked a valid question and you belittled it without answering it. I ask you, What have you accomplished? God forbid on the day of judgement when Allah(SWT) asks you:'Why did you send away someone in need of help?' What will be your answer? I am saying this to you because I am concerned about you, and not belittling you. I say this to everyone: Please don't answer posts unless you have the information that the OP requires. You are not helping anyone. Hopefully Allah will answer all our questions in time :)

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I have re-edited your question to include what you asked about, respectfully to Allah Almighty, as you say you are sincere to understand. I will answer in a separate answer now In Sha Allah.

(Jun 30 at 15:58) 123 AbduAllah 123%20AbduAllah's gravatar image

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

I would try to clear this in an example. Think that there is a class where some student studies. A teacher teaches all of the students in that class. Now before the day of exam, he tells a boy that you will probably fail because you haven't studied well. That boy fails in the exam. Now whom would you blame?

Allah knows what is in our Taqdir, but what we do is by our own free will generally. Allah SWT never does any injustice so He will not send anyone directly to hell and instead he will give them chance to appear in the exam although he knows that man will fail in the exam.

And there are a lot of thing that proves the presence of Allah SWT. I will write them later.

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