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Assalam a'likum, I have dressed the niqap recently wa alhamdu lellah, but I don't know some points about it and hope you will help: First, Can i wear it with other colours instead of black?.... Second, Can i pray while i am wearing it and my face won't be covered but my forehead will be covered?..... Third, Do i have to wear gloves also or is it ok if i don't?..... And Jhazakum Allah 5iran

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it is absolutely fine to do hijaab with different colours other than black but remember your main aim is to cover your body from non-mahrams, so the colour should not be light that the shine of your skin could be seen.yes you can pray with your forehead cover the main hijjab while offering namaz is to cover your forehead, head .your full hands,your full legs till ankle and thats it. its fine if you dont wear gloves while offering namaz or going in front of any much you do hijaab in front of Allah is the same quantity you do from the non-mahrams. but it is very good if you even cover your hands with gloves and your face in front of the non-mahrams.Allah is all knowing and meriful sister.jazakallah wa khair.assalamu-alaikum-wa-rehmatallah.

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May Allah reward you, sister. Thanks alot.

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you are always welcome sister i would like to hear from you inshallah. may allah protect us from all the evil of shaytan and people.aameen.

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