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i am a muslim. i am in love with a hindu girl. She converted as per my request after studying about islam. But never could she follow islamic paths because of her family and being a student. Now she has completed studies. She can never do namaz or stay away from hindu religious acts until she is married to me because she is keeping her convertion to islam as a secret before her family. She can never reveal to her family she converted to islam as that will create a hell lot of problems. She believes in islam. Also, after marriage too she wish to keep her convertion as a secret before her family but is willing live an islamic life with me. My question is, considering such circumstances, can i marry her ? (she believes in islam, is not an idol workshiper, is willing to practise islam, but secretly and might live as a Hindu before her family forever. If i am to marry her, in future she can do namaz, recite quran, devote to Allah and all that is a good thing...but considering all the other secrecy problems mentioned above, considering she might act a Hindu (not believing Hinduism) before her family, CAN I MARRY HER ?

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Al Salam Alaikom, simply said this is a very tricky questions that requires, as per Islam directions, a fatwa from a knowledgeable Mufti, one who is well versed in Islamic teachings and jurisprudence. So you should not get such thing as an opinion, because that relationship being a zinna or a marriage depends on it and so many other things.

What I can surely say, and maybe you know, that its Haram (wrong) to have such a relationship with a women, be she Muslim or not. May Allah guide you to Him.

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