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Assalam-u-alaikum,Being a teenager, I like to play games, Recently I played a game in which it had some very bad scenes, I didn't want to watch that stuff but I watched it accidently. How can I ask forgiveness for this.I just want to play the game and I don't want to see these images so can I still play the game?

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Al Salam Alaikom, and may Allah bless you for seeking his path and forgiveness, and for the first part you should ask Allah to forgive you by praying to Him, and you might also pray the forgiveness prayer, that is a normal Salat with 2 rakah for that purpose, just like any other Salat, except the intention. Video games are 100% Haram, and I would give you a few simple reasons, first the obscene scenes, second music, third wasting time and energy and money, fourth making you forget the Zikr and prayers (you cannot do so while playing),and fifth because they promote Haram acts and thoughts, etc. If you wish I can point you to English fatwas from knowledgeable sources on that matter. May Allah bless you and guide to His Path.

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Thankyou very much for helping me with this, I will surely stop playing video games and try to concentrate on my religion.

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Al Salam Alaikom you are most welcome and I pray for you to be nearer to Allah in this life and this after life and may Allah guard your from any influences that might affect you away. All the best and you name is nice. Salam..

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May Allah bless

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Thankyou for your prayers and for the name .

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