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I have always wondered about this statement : All Muslims Go To Heaven. I hear some say its only the ones that do the 5 pillars and others say that it is ever muslim who is a believer. I would like to have a grasp around this answert, if anyone out there knows.

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Al hamdulilah may Allah bless the believers, inshallah I would like to add to the brother AbduAllah beautiful answer. Reported on the authority of Abu Huriah," A Bedouin approached the Rasul saws and asked" what must I do to gain paradise?" The Rasul saws replied: believe nothing derserves to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger. Pray five times a day, Fast ramadan, pay zakat, make hajj. The Bedouin asked is that all? The Rasul swas replied yes. The bedouin said that is all I'm going to do nothing more, then he walked away. The Rasul saws then said, if he does what he said he will enter paradise." Salaam

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Also, there is a hadith qudsi that states the Rasul saws said on the day judgement that Allah said to Adam. Seperate your children those that goes to paradise and those for hellfire. Adam then Asked how to do this? Allah said out of every one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine for hellfire, one for paradise. When the companions heard this they became distraught. The Rasul saws then said, everyone in my ummah will go to paradise accept those who refuse. One of the sahabah asked, who would refuse? The Rasul replied, those who disobey me has refused."salaam

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so the mass murdering muslims of the world, usama bin laden and abu bakr al-baghdadi will eventually go to heaven? but the likes of ghandi and mother teresa will be forever in hell?

hey muslim minnesota, if you google quran only muslims, will all muslims go to heaven. they have 'proofs' from the koran saying no. just if you are curious to see a different take.

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Produce your proof from Quran or Hadith otherwise I won't accept your argument and will take it as a baseless opinion. Others may wish to accept your argument as they choose.

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dude, it's not my arguement or opinion. my opinion is this is all silly. there is no heaven and hell. sorry bad puncuation. those are questions in the first paragraph.

lol. and i put 'links' instead of 'likes'.

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If I am a cruel leader (I am the king and make the laws like pharoah) of a nation and I treat people badly. How is it bad "for me" that I am cruel to them?

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it's not bad for you? i'm confused. is your point, that without hell, ultimately there is no justice for some?

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is that the only reason you can think of?

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that it's a deterent?

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You have produced a counter argument against urself:

dude, it's not my arguement or opinion. my opinion is this is all silly. there is no heaven and hell. sorry bad puncuation. those are questions in the first paragraph

You see the problem is you don't believe in God if I am correct. That means there is nothing after death, there is no heavens, and I can be enjoy power and cruelty as it doesn't affect me. So who will do justice with me)?

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In the end its only God that can determine our fate, and those who murder will answer to God as well as those who didn't believe in the right teachings. I'd rather work hard for heaven then it to be handed to me, and thats what muslims do. Even if it's written, they work harder to secure a spot but we can all think different thats the beauty of the mind!

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a_w, how am i arguing against myself. i understand the reason behind the mythology. if you want to manipulate people's behavior, what is the one thing we all have in common. we will all die. so you create this wonderful place that the people who do what you want them too do go, after they die. and a place of horror for the people that don't do what you want them to. it's like santa claus on the one hand and the witches that live in the forrest on the other, for grown ups. religion is simply a massive fairytale constructed to help regulate adult behavior.

were do jinn live?

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MM, so why the question?

you a somali? you in minneapolis?

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You ask questions and I answer. Now you answer my previous question and this one.

1) Is a person with a creator more guided or without a creator more guided?

2) Since there is nothing to lose after death why not be cruel and enjoy power. And who will do justice?

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