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I am eligible to pay zakat and this will be the first time when i have to. I don't have enough money to pay full zakat at once. I have some questions related to that. please advise.

  1. I have some air miles, if i will donate then to one of the foundation who supports orphans, will that count in zakat because i can also use them to buy things.

  2. I can pay some of the amount from the total zakat calculation but can't pay in full. can i pay some in this month and some in preceding month? means in two installments? or do i have to sell the gold to pay the zakat in full or should i take loan to pay zakat.

  3. My wife is pregnant and she can't do FAST. If she is planning to make it after delivery so still do i have to pay Fidya for that?

I am very much worried and concerned about ZAKAT, please advise. Actually I am in a debt burden and has to pay off some debts during next two months so thats why i am in financial trouble otherwise I can pay everything in full.

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