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I've been a Muslim for almost a month ans I live in Dubai as a Emergency Room Nurse. One of my patients was suffering from a brain tumer. I had a lot in common with him, and he told me a lot about his past (he was 54). After discussing religion for a while (3 weeks) he told me he wanted to convert to Islam. So I brought in a Imam and he said the Shahada in front of me and the Imam that afternoon. The next day, he past away, and his family let us burry him Islamicly. Not a lot of people showed up to the funeral except for his non-Muslim family and about 10 other Muslims. I prayed the Salah for him and he was burried and that was it. Was it a good or bad thing that he died a day after converting, because he never got to practice Islam. And is there any duas I can say for him when I visit his grave? Thanks

Al Salam Alaykom, Ma Sha Allah for his fate and Ma Sha Allah la kowa illa bi Allah for you helping him. We know that Islam removes all sins from the person the days he enters it, In Sha Allah he will meet Allah most beautifully, and Allah knows best. As for the dua, you can ask Allah to increase his daraja (level) in the after-life.

I quote: the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) stood over graves after the burial and said: “Pray for forgiveness for your brother and ask that he be made steadfast, for even now he is being questioned.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari. This is authentic sahih hadeeth.

Ask for him to be rewarded bountfully for his entrance in Islam, and ask for yourself that Allah accepts this deed from you and may it be the reason he makes you enter Heaven with no Hisab (Judgement) and by His Mercy.

May Allah bless you and your deeds, and Ma Sha Allah la kowa illa bi Allah ..

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Thank you so much :)

(Jun 30 at 18:34) Adina Cohen Adina%20Cohen's gravatar image

Al Salam Alaykom, you are most welcome and May Allah bless and safeguard you.

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