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Im 16 years old and I've been Muslim all my life. I started fasting when I was 12. For some reason only during Ramadan I have these strange psychic like dreams that always come true in the future. Two years ago I dreamt that my house was on fire and I was worried because I didn't want anyone in my family to be hurt and then it was shown to me that we weren't at home. The next week just that happened. My mom was going out to buy groceries for iftar at our masjid that night and my sister and I decided to go with her and when we came back our house was filled with smoke. Our dryer had caught on fire. One ramadan I had a dream that it was only going to last 29 days instead of 30 and it did. A year ago I dreamt that my dad and I would be in a car accident and it happened 3 days later. Praise be to ALLAH that neither him nor me were hurt. There have been alot of other small incidents but I'll just list this last one. The night that ramadan came in I had a dream that someone I knew would lose their mother. I hoped that it wouldn't come true because the loss of a mother is a terrible thing. But unfortunately it did happen. A friend of mine lost her mother today. I suppose what Im trying to ask is are these dreams just coincidences or is ALLAH sending them to me for some reason? I don't have such vivid dreams like this during the rest of the year, only during ramadan. Please give me an explanation these dreams don't happen to anyone else in my family. Thank you and may ALLAH bless you with a successful ramadan.

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