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The same street as took it never kill or was accused of killing anybody like this on December 12 2005 California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tonight has been for clemency the next day Stanley Cookie Williams was put to death by lethal injection the sense of accountability that change Cookie Williams was being felt elsewhere some original gangsters known as polled were finally ready to move on the whole rack survive jail time and substance abuse then at age 33 he made a decision but changed his life I'm not as big guru or religious ties to large is now something happen deep down in my spirit wear you can take it no more acquit being influenced ester been I came from last summer since then a lot has happened little red joined up with other oh gee who work with kids to improve their lives and communities issues he says you can be against violence but still be a crap not only announced crippling point out the mouse the negative inching happen now the killings and announced to pull the I love crib on clear days went somewhere that I don't want to be little rack he is not alone a spin from nineteen or delete it when Ian prisons in our prisons.

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