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can every sin be erased no matter its severity?

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Allah will forgive any sin if he wants except Shirk. In the verse of Quran this is said. But sometimes when it is related to Haq of others or right of others, Allah generally doesn't forgive it and one will have to pay penalty for it in Akhirah.

However Allah is the most merciful. And Allah is the best Judge. So, if one does a sin and Allah wants to forgive it, he will forgive it no matter how severe it is.

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Can you please explain to me what the meaning of Shirk is?

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Shirk means to believe in Multiple gods. If you believe that there is anything similar to Allah then that is also Shirk.

(Jul 01 at 05:36) Tahmeed Tahmeed's gravatar image

Thank You! May Allah Grant You The Highest Jannah.

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Al Salam Alaykom I have edited the link to a more trustable source, and excellent one (, and please note that Wikipedia spread more lies than truth about out great Islam. May Allah bless.

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