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I was in a relationship with a boy. And our families got to know. At the beginning in my family there were problems going on with it. But after his parents came to talk with my parents now they have agreed to give in marriage. But as my boyfriend needs to earn he has kept the marriage aside in another 2 years. Is it permissible to have contacts because the families have agreed to it?

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Al Salam Alaikom, May Allah bless you for seeking His Path. Of course the answer is no, no person may allow what ALLAH FORBID, that is no matter how close; they themselves in doing so are sinful and you too.

I quote:

Note – may Allaah bless you – that our great religion firmly warns us against forming relationships between the sexes outside the framework of marriage and firmly closes the door to the calamity of introduction programs that are propagated by means of newspapers, magazines and the internet. These warnings are a means of warding off fitnah (temptation and tribulation) and preventing love affairs which usually lead people to commit acts of grave immorality and transgression of the sacred limits set by Allaah – Allaah forbid – or they lead them to marriages that end in failure and are filled with suspicion and mistrust.

End of quote.

May Allah safeguard you.

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