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Asalaam Aalikum I am a Muslim boy of 16 years... I study in class 10th. ... Aggirl studies with me ... Whenever she used to change her profile picture I used to comment on that ( nyc1... nyc click etc ). .. I didn't had any bad intension for her... but by doing this my other classmates always used to tease me... This winter we both used to go to the same tution where all other classmates also used to come... there they told her that I have fallen In love with her and I have gone mad after her. ... But when I tried to convince her she blocked me on facebook. .. We haven't takled to each other from the last more than 3 months... My classmates today also use to tease me and her friends are also teasing her for me... now I have become a burden on her and now I think she hates me alot... some days before I told a boy that he may tell her that I don't have any bad intension for her. ...but in return she said to that boy that I may get lost... what do I think of myself.... I don't want that anyone should have a wrong impression of me... and I don't want to have a quarrel on such stupid things... but there is one problem I dont have courage to go infront of her and tell her all this... whenever she passes infront of me my heart starts beating very fast... I get very afraid to talk to her... Please tell me what should I do. ... JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

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