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Asalaam Aalikum I am a Muslim boy of 16 years... I have an online relationship problem with a girl, what should I do? Please tell me what should I do. ... JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

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Al Salam Alaykom borhter, simply said those type of relations are Haram and only create troubles. I quote:

If the matter is as you describe, and you waste your time on the internet with things that are of no benefit, and that lead you to sin, there is no good in your going on the internet, rather it is haraam for you to go online if the matter is as you describe.

One of the basic principles of sharee’ah is to block the means that lead to evil; so every means that leads to something haraam is itself haraam.

I guess you understand that such relationships are not permitted in Islam.

May Allah bless and safeguard.

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